Wudang Tai Chi (Michuan Taijiquan)

The legendary founder of Taijiquan, Zhang Sanfeng, was a Daoist hermit and alchemist who lived in the Wudang Mountains.

Here he employed the Daoist philosophy of forever changing Yin and Yang and created the 13 basic Taijiquan movements: 5 steps and 8 hand movements. They are the base of Wudang Mountains Taijiquan that consists of 64 movements (corresponding with the 64 Yi Jing images). The teachings were passed on in secret tradition (Michuan Taijiquan: “Hidden Taijiquan Tradition”) for a long time.

Wudang Mountains Tai Chi is of surprising simplicity and naturalness, the movements are circular and flowing, Yin and Yang principles are always evident. When we move like drifting clouds or flowing water we foster our essence, Qi and the mind internally, and externally strengthen muscles, bones and the skin. Channels are opened and vitalized, mind and body are aligned.