Xingyiquan (or Xing Yi Chuan, Hsing-i Chuan)

Like Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang, Xingyiquan is an internal martial art but with rather fast, straight and powerful movements. Xing Yi focuses on attack rather than on defense and retreat.

“Xing” means form or movement, “Yi” means mind, will or attention, “Quan” is fistfighting. Xingyiquan translates as “(outer) form of (inner) will fighting”, or “style and mind boxing”. So the mind is the starting point of every movement, or an inner idea followed through attentively develops the outer form.

The five basic techniques in Xingyi are based on Daoist five elements philosophy:

  • Pi Quan: splitting fist (metal)
  • Zhuan Quan: drilling fist (water)
  • Beng Quan: arrow fist (wood)
  • Pao Quan: canon fist (fire)
  • Heng Chuan: horizontal fist (earth)

The starting position is the "three body stance" (Santishi) where sections of the body relate to the three powers of the universe: the head represents the sky ("Tian"), the hands are the earth ("Di") and the feet are the person ("Ren").