Wudang Xing Jiang

The Wudang Xing Jiang Sword Style from the Wudang Mountains can be traced back directly to the founder of Tai Chi, Zhang Sanfeng. It is made up of 30 movements that unite the sky and the earth with the practitioner. The "five steps and eight methods" principles are part of the movements.

This is a very dynamic Sword Style and one of the most famous Chinese Weapons Style. It is characterized by grace and skillfulness. In ancient scripts it says:

"The motion is like that of a dragon in water, it coordinates above and below, right and left follow each other, body and sword are one, sword and mind are one, Qi and force are one, the sword is omnipresent, body and mind are aligned, inner and outer worlds unite. When we understand these principles, are we not very close to Dao?"