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Master Tian Liyang

Master Tian Liyang has practiced Taijiquan and other Chinese martial arts (Bagua, Xingyi) since his early childhood. When he was 14 years old, he left his parents and started looking for a spiritual teacher of martial arts. After he had lived in a Shaolin monastery on Mount Emei for a while, he finally found his way to the isolated Wudang Mountains and legendary home of Taijiquan.

Here he found his teacher, Master You, and converted to Daoism in 1988. As major representative of the 15th generation of the Wudang School he became an excellent martial artist and made profound experiences with meditation and Qi Gong practice. He is the teacher of a number of adepts at home and abroad.

Tian Liyang in an interview:

What are the basic Taijiquan principles for you?

There are many, but the most basic principles are relaxation or release, Fangsong, and tranquility or naturalness. The movements are circular and lively, the posture is upright, heaven, earth and the practitioner become one, body and mind are aligned. It is about refinement, internally as well as externally.

What exactly do you mean when you say relaxation or release?

In life (postnatal) we experience many impacts that may cause illnesses or weakness. This means that we often spend our Qi by overstressing our minds, by thinking or working too much or the like. When we release these tensions and relax, our bodies can recover “Wuji” and we return to a state of naturalness and simplicity. The body gets unblocked, Qi can run through it freely and good health is recovered. They say that: “The relaxed is unblocked.”